Continuously evolving tradition

Solid and elegant

A timeless and elegant style, modern features and a solid stainless-steel bodywork. Functional design at the service of the experience.


Timeless quality

Gaggia, presented to the market as ’Classic’, is characterized by a professional stainless-steel body and bold lines. This domestic espresso machine perfectly combines Gaggia’s long professional tradition with a timeless design. Beloved all over the world since the beginning, the Classic has always been a best-selling symbol of Gaggia’s tradition, reliability and quality.

Coffee beans put into coffee machine
Filter holder designed to guarantee optimal coffee temperature throughout the entire brewing process

women sitting and drinking coffee
Professional steam wand makes the best milk froth for gorgeous cappuccinos

close up of coffee machine
Finely crafted in our factory in Gaggio Montano (Bologna, Italy) to ensure the best quality

Per amore del caffè Espresso

Since the very first cup of espresso was served in an Italian bar in 1884, this aromatic beverage has conditioned the existence of generations of passionate admirers. Thanks to Achille Gaggia’s revolutionary invention in 1938 - the espresso with natural crema - the quality of coffee has never been so high. The best things in life are often the simple pleasures and the best way to start any day is with an invigorating espresso. This is a habit for many, but also a process requiring accuracy, experience and the best equipment. Mastering the mechanics and developing the necessary skills make creating the perfect espresso an essential daily routine.

Just like the Italians do... with love and passion.

Guy behind bar