At Versuni, our purpose is to turn houses into homes. Our contemporary designs are built sustainably with both our customers and our planet in mind. Turning everyday moments into moments to remember.

Our purpose

We turn houses into homes. We believe that home is a place you can truly call your own. No matter where you live, we all need a comfortable space where our heart belongs. 
Consumers are at the heart of everything we do. With our innovations we aim to foster the feeling of home, so that our consumers can take care of each other through sustainable solutions, leading happier, healthier lives.

Our vision

Increasingly, we are a digital first company always looking for ways to make life as simple and convenient as possible for consumers. We explore, experiment, and change. Take risks and learn from failures. Our people-focused design and our products are recognized for their excellence within the industry. We relish the process of staying curious and open to explore new ideas. Above all, we make the most of each day. Because we believe work must be fun. That’s the #VersuniWay.