About us

Code of Business Conduct

We are proud of our story. With a heritage of more than 130 years, Versuni operates with integrity and respect. Our purpose is simple, yet powerful: turning houses into homes, and homes into places people love. Our ambition for growth and continuous innovation is underpinned by a commitment to operate with integrity.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct sets the standard for what it means to act with integrity at Versuni. It governs all of our decisions and actions throughout the world and applies equally to our group actions and to our conduct as individuals. You can find the English version of our Code of Business Conduct below.

Versuni is committed to understanding and engaging the needs of our customers, colleagues, partners, and the environment. Whilst growing our business, we aim to be a responsible partner in society, by doing what is right for our Versuni universe.

Code of Business Conduct - PDF

Reporting a concern

In spite of Versuni’s integrity commitment, you may one day observe conduct that concerns you, or that seems to violate our Code of Business Conduct. If you observe or suspect such misconduct, you are encouraged to speak up. By doing so, you give our organization the opportunity to deal with the matter. The Versuni Speak Up portal, which is hosted by an external party outside Versuni, is available through the below link. In many cases, unless not permitted under law, you can make a report anonymously. Our Speak Up Policy governs how your report will be treated and your report will only be shared with those people who have a need to know to investigate the concern you reported.

Speak Up Policy - PDF