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Turning houses into homes

Discover how our brand philosophy extends beyond the walls of our house, to caring for our planet. We make conscious choices in the way we work, innovate, produce, reduce and re-use.

We are committed to limiting our impact on climate change, by following the science and making changes – fast.

We know, because we exist to help people turn their houses into homes. But we also know that home is bigger than the buildings we eat and sleep in. It’s the soil and the sea, the rain and rivers, the air we breathe and the ground beneath us. It’s the planet we all call home.

We know that we can’t help you make your house a home, without protecting our shared home. Which is why we are designing products to be used not just for now, but for a lifetime. We are changing how we operate, to protect the climate and become part of a net zero future. And we are committed to welcoming everyone into our team, so that people from all walks of life can find a home at Versuni.

It is time to move quickly and boldly towards a cleaner, healthier, safer future. For your home, and for the home we all share.

Our planet is our home


We are committed to limiting our impact on climate change, by following the science and making changes – fast.

Our planet – our shared home – is under threat from climate change. We want to be part of the solution. So we are reducing our climate impact by becoming net zero, which will mean we emit no more carbon into the atmosphere than we remove from it. Our goal is to achieve this by 2040, a decade ahead of the target set by Paris Climate Agreement.

This is a huge goal, and comes with many challenges. To achieve it, we're following the science. We're getting serious about measuring and reducing our carbon emissions, and moving quickly towards 100% clean energy in our own operations and those of our suppliers. We're also committing to achieve zero waste to landfill in all our own operations.

Not just for now, but for a lifetime

Products & services

We want the products that we make to be used, reused, loved and repaired – so we are designing for tomorrow, not just today.

We want everything we make to be used not just for now, but for a lifetime. So we are reimagining our future, and making it circular – so that less is wasted and value is infinite.

To achieve this, we are using waste as a resource. We're using more recycled materials in all our products, and developing circular business models focused on repair and reuse. Our products will be easier to fix and recycle, so they can live many lives – and they will be delivered in plastic-free packaging.

Welcome home


We believe everyone in our offices, factories and communities deserves to feel valued and safe – to feel at home.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and at ease in their day to day life – to know they are valued and respected, and that their voice is heard. It is important to us that the people in our offices and factories feel genuinely cared for when they come to work.

So we are working to raise standards and improve the wellbeing of people working right across our supply chain. And we want our Versuni team to be as diverse as the customers we serve, starting with more equal gender identity representation.

We also know that many people in our local communities don't have the security and comfort of a home. We want to change this, so we are enabling employees at Versuni to volunteer their time or money to build homes for those who need them most.

Big change comes in all packages

Discover how we’ve reduced the environmental impact of our packaging.