Smartest most powerful all-in-one Air Purifier

With powerful filtration, the Philips Air Purifier captures and removes pollutants, and thoroughly purifies even the large rooms. Plus, its smart sensors and artificial intelligence technology automatically adapt to any indoor environment.


Seamless experience, design that does more

Everybody has the right to clean air. Philips Air Purifier innovative technology helps remove viruses, allergens, aerosols and pollutants in our homes.

Nano tech
3-layer NanoProtect HEPA filtration system eliminates unseen particles from the air

Nano tech
Worlds first Air Purifier to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

Air being purified
Adjustable rotation up to 350 degrees, with temperatures that feel pleasant and natural

Large room
Thoroughly purifies large rooms up to 70m2

Air Purifier
Dual Flow technology; direct cooling or heating, or diffused airflow for optimal air circulation