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Welcome to the Supplier Information Portal. Here you can find information about processes, as well as training related tot he Ariba Business Network with Versuni.

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Register/update your company information on the Ariba Business Portal. Manage the Orders digitally from Business Network.

Payment and invoicing

Versuni offers two programs to support suppliers in managing cashflow: Supplier Finance Program and Early Payment (Dynamic discounting) Program

General Conditions of Purchase

The Versuni General Conditions of Purchase (for both indirect Materials & Services and Bill of Materials purchases) can be viewed via the link below.

Supplier sustainability

We collaborate closely with our suppliers to drive sustainable improvements throughout the value chain.

At Versuni, we are on a mission to help people turn houses into homes. This goal extends beyond our innovative products, systems and services to our supply chain. We invest in relationships with suppliers who provide a safe working environment, treat workers with respect, and work in an environmentally sound way.

Innovate with us!

Supplier Innovation is at the core of our Business and related Procurement strategy, embracing open dialogues on innovation roadmaps.

If you have an idea or innovation that you believe could help us meet our strategic goals or specific innovation challenges, we would like to hear from you. Share your innovation with us through the following email: