Connected perfection

Personalized brew

Our biggest touch screen makes selecting and personalizing a perfect brew a pleasure. A 7.8’ high resolution color display with touchscreen user interface enables precise interaction to prepare a world of coffee varieties and enables to watch product videos for guidance.


Tradition and technology

Freshly brewed coffee, tailor made to any taste. Xelsis Suprema is truly a coffee machine like no other. A rich combination of Italian heritage and the very latest connected technology and coffee making innovation. A master blend of advancements to operate a coffee machine.

Coffee beans put into coffee machine
BeanMaestro automatically adjusts brewing settings to get the very best flavor beans of choice

water in the coffee machine
AquaClean technology improves the quality of coffee with purified water

 Coffee machine display
High-resolution color display with intuitive touch screen enables precise interaction and ability to watch How-to videos for guidance

Coffee on a table
Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for personalized recommendation, machine updates and to see the availability of consumables at local retailers

Coffee beans in a grinder
Long-lasting 100% ceramic grinders with 12 grinder settings