CordlessWet & Dry

Advanced Performance 3-in-1 System

The Philips AquaTrio Cordless 9000 has a modern and hygienic cleaning system: an advanced performance 3-in-1 system. The constant flow of clean water and two ultra-soft microfiber power brushes rotate at high speed so each turn remains clean.


The AquaSpin technology

The AquaTrio saves time and energy with a dual vacuum and mop functionality. The AquaSpin technology with 2 high speed functions, constantly cleans the power brushes, and an Auto-After-Clean & Storage station provides confidence in the most hygienic floor cleaning system to date.

Aqua trio in action
Vacuums and mops simultaneously, removing dust, dirt, stains and bacteria in one go

AquaTro vacuum
Advanced vacuum only set-up

AquaTro handheld
Detachable handheld device

Aquaspin technology
AquaSpin technology, two high speed functions for constantly cleaned power brushes

AquaTro standing
Auto After-Clean & Storage station for a convenient after-clean experience