Silky smooth foam

Intuitive and easy, from bean to clean

With its intuitive digital display and revolutionary milk system, the Philips LatteGo Espresso Machine makes a bean-to-cup coffee experience easier than ever. With a choice of 12 fresh bean coffee varieties, for all different tastes, from a smooth espresso to a frothy cappuccino.


Café-quality coffee

The LatteGo is designed for quality coffee, tailored to personal preferences, with a colored digital display to select and manage the process from bean to brew. With cyclonic frothing technology, the LatteGo transforms milk and plant-based alternatives with the right amount of fat and protein into the best possible dense layer of foam.

Alot of coffees
12 varieties of coffee, customized to everyone’s taste

Alot of coffees
Easy-to-clean LatteGo milk frothing system

Latte Go
Intuitive digital display for easy coffee selection

Alot of coffees
Durable, ceramic grinders

AquaClean system for up to 5000* cups without descalings
Easy cleaning due to fully removable brew group