June 18, 2024 | Press information

New Philips Smart Pet Series helps you pamper your pets always, even when away from home

The smart cat-friendly designed Philips Smart Feeder & Water Fountain are designed to transform the way cat parents feed their pets. You can plan in your pet's meals without any hassle, ensuring that your cats receive their meals and fresh water on time, every time, even in the absence of their owners.

Today two new products for your pet are launched to support you in becoming an even better pet parent. You never have to worry about your pet meals or fresh water with the connected Philips Smart Feeder and Philips Water Fountain. You can customize and plan the feedings of your cat ahead of time, which allows you to sleep in – or plan in exact portions ahead of time while you are gone. The stylish products are designed with the cat's needs in mind, with wide bowls for a comfortable eating and drinking experience, making the Smart Feeder and Water Fountain from Philips essential products for responsible and loving cat owners.

Always connected, around the clock, from any location The revolutionary products are connected to the smart designed Philips Pet Series application, where you can track your pet's well-being and have access to insights for enhanced care even when away. You can plan any meal or see your pet live via the camera, that allows caring pet owners to customize feeding schedules to match their cats' dietary needs, ensuring you pamper your pets always, even when away from home.

Don’t worry about any meal with the Philips Smart Feeder With the Philips Smart Feeder, you never have to worry about your pet meals. With this new innovative product, you have care at hand, around the clock, anywhere, anytime. You can customize and plan in exact portions ahead of time while you are gone, or you can even choose to sleep in while your cat enjoys a timely breakfast. The design of the bowl is whisker-friendly, which means it is wide enough for the whiskers of the cat, so it avoids any potential whisker stress for your beloved pet.

One of the specific features is the new HD camera & a 2-way audio that enables pet owners to stay in touch even when away. The Philips Smart Feeder has a sealed design and anti-clogging technology, which keeps the food fresh for up to 30 days and ensures they never miss a meal regardless of the owners' presence.

Give your cat the clean flowing water that nature intended The new Philips Water Fountain makes sure that your cat stays hydrated and happy with flowing fresh water that appeals to their natural instincts, encouraging them to drink more. Revolutionary is the in-built smart sensor that activates the water only when your cat is close. The motion sensor helps leverage water and energy usage in a highly efficient manner, to facilitate your beloved cats without any considerable hassle.

The unique wide design of the water bowl is especially created to avoid any whisker fatigue for your cat for comfortable drinking. You can also easily monitor and refill the water level as needed for continuous hydration making it an essential product for loving cat owners. The fountain provides fresh and clean water through our multi-layer filtration system, ensuring your pet always has access to high-quality water. Additionally, it features a smart pump system that safeguards your home by shutting off when water levels are low, preventing any potential damage which can offer peace of mind to cat owners.

Availability The Philips Smart Feeder is priced at 159 euros. It has a large capacity of 4.5 liters for 1-20 servings for kibble sizes ranging from 2 to 12 millimeters that you can customize. The camera provides 1080P resolution, includes night vision capability and 2-way audio. It also has battery backup functionality to prevent meal disruptions during power outages.

The Philips Water Fountain is priced at 45 euros. It has a capacity of 2.2 liters and includes a sensor and is whisper quiet (with a noise level less than 38 dB). The water fountain has a 4-layer filter made with active carbon and ion exchange to keep the water fresh and has a whisker-friendly and anti-spill technology.

The products will be available on Philips.com and Amazon.com for now.

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