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Get Ready for Real Espresso in Just one Swipe With the new Philips Baristina

Philips Baristina uses fresh beans to make real espresso in just one simple swipe of its portafilter. Philips Baristina is designed to be sustainable – from the materials used to the waste you take out. This is real espresso you can feel good about from start to finish Featuring a sleek and compact design with a range of colorful, customizable portafilters.

MARCH 19, 2024, AMSTERDAM - A new coffee movement is starting with the launch of Philips Baristina - a ground-breaking, stylish coffee machine that will democratize cafe-quality coffee. The new movement frees coffee from a wide range of limitations: from capsules and complex machines and difficult skills. Now everyone can enjoy an authentic, fresh bean espresso experience at home with one effortlessly simple swipe.

The easy-to-swipe portafilter kickstarts the Philips Baristina to do all the hard work, making hassle-free, barista-quality espresso accessible in every home. The Philips Baristina allows coffee to be experienced in new ways - freeing people from the confines of capsule coffee and coffee-shop prices.

Marloes Laan, CMO, Versuni, commented: “Philips Baristina is here to shake up the coffee world, starting a new movement that celebrates quality, innovation, and the joy of a perfect cup with a simple swipe. This category-disrupting machine is a testament to our commitment to build Versuni into a world-class, consumer-first, brand-led home appliance leader.”

Real espresso in just one swipe Designed to act as your own personal mini-barista, Philips Baristina gives you complete autonomy to be free with your choice of beans and works seamlessly to deliver a best-in-class brew every single time.

No matter which beans you choose, all it takes is just a simple swipe to start the Philips Baristina, which grinds your beans to the perfect size and drops the grounds into the portafilter. The 16-bar pressure pump releases full-on flavor from your beans, so your coffee tastes and smells just like a barista made it.

When the coffee is ready, simply pop the puck and drop the used grounds into the local food recycling. With no messy hidden compartments, you can rinse the portafilter or just wipe with a cloth, meaning no tapping, no scrubbing and no hassle.

For those who want to add milk, the Baristina milk frother whisks up hot and cold milk in seconds, making it easy to perfect any coffee style – simple to use, and extremely easy to clean.

Zero waste Philips Baristina is designed to be sustainable – from the materials used to the waste you take out. This is real espresso you can feel good about from start to finish.

Energy-efficient* and made with more than 50% recycled plastics**, Baristina brews real espresso with reduced use of virgin materials. The appliance comes in plastic-free packaging made using over 90% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. Unlike capsule machines, there’s no plastic or aluminium waste from capsules - the used coffee grounds can go straight to your plants’ soil or to local food recycling.

Compact & customizable design The machine’s sleek design and compact sizing means it will fit perfectly into any home. The Philips Baristina may be tiny, but its capabilities are mighty – using powerful technology to deliver barista-style coffee with every serve, whilst bringing flair and function to your kitchen counter.

With a full range of customizable portafilters in 7 different colors from man milky white, natural green, mango yellow, black, walnut wood, ash wood and berry red - making coffee has never looked so fun and vibrant.

Save with beans Per year, you could save more than €300 on coffee by using beans compared to capsules***. So start saving money on every cup when you drop the capsules and switch to fresh beans.

The Philips Baristina espresso machine launches on in select markets around the world throughout 2024, starting March 19, 2024.

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Disclaimers *Energy efficient. A+ energy label according to Swiss energy efficiency standards **50% recycled plastics Excluding the parts in contact with water and coffee *** Based on three cups of coffee a day, comparing capsules costing €0,45 [an A-brand in market] to coffee beans costing €12,99 per kilo [an A-brand in market]

About Versuni Versuni’s purpose is turning houses into homes. As a house of home appliances brands, Versuni markets: Philips, Philips Baristina, Philips Walita, Preethi, Senseo, L’OR Barista, Saeco and Gaggia. With more than 900 patents to its name, Versuni’s portfolio spans coffee and kitchen appliances, garment care, climate care, floor care, and home safety. Products under the Philips brand include the Airfryer, Espresso Machine with LatteGo, PerfectCare Steam Generator, Air and AquaTrio Cordless Vacuum. Versuni is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has innovation, manufacturing, and commercial centers across the globe, with a footprint in over 100 countries.

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