June 6, 2022 | Press information

Discover a new way of cooking with Philips Air Cooker 7000 Series

Philips Domestic Appliances introduces NutriFlavor technology preserving up to 90%* of essential nutrients.

  • The Philips Air Cooker is the only device you need to steam, air steam, slow cook,sous-vide, bake, roast, reheat or defrost
  • It offers eight different cooking modes in one single appliance.
  • Eating healthier has never been easier. The Philips Air Cooker preserves 90%* of essential nutrients thanks to its NutriFlavor technology with climate control.
  • Connected smart app NutriU, enhances your cooking experience by offering personalized recipe inspiration, tips and tricks, remote cooking advice and notifications.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Discover a new way of healthy and tasty cooking and give your food the love it deserves with the new Philips Air Cooker 7000 Series. The food we put into our daily meals has had a whole life before it reaches us, working hard to build up vitamins and nutrients. Instead of letting that go to waste, Philips Domestic Appliances created the Philips Air Cooker as an innovative solution to help you raise your cooking skills while discovering a world of nutritious goodness. With eight cooking modes available, the Philips Air Cooker allows you to create a variety of meals: from juicy meat and fish, snappy vegetables and creamy risotto, to homemade bread and chef-like desserts. Thanks to the NutriFlavor technology with climate control all your dishes are cooked to perfection while ensuring maximum nutritional goodness. And that’s not all: the Philips Air Cooker is connected to the NutriU app to help you discover new recipes and guide you through the cooking process step by step.

Henk Siebren de Jong, CEO Philips Domestic Appliances: “The launch of the Philips Air Cooker 7000 Series is a pivotal moment for Philips Domestic Appliances. We develop meaningful innovations that are in tune with the lives of consumers, and we know that people today lead increasingly busy lives and yet are more focused on their health than ever before. Creating a kitchen appliance that offers eight different cooking modes in one single device and preserves 90%1 of nutrients, allows people to make a wide variety of delicious meals and eat healthier. Connect the Philips Air Cooker to the NutriU app and it will even guide you through the entire cooking process – from recipe selection, to tips & tricks, and it will let you know when your food is ready. We firmly believe that this innovation will inspire home cooks and bring the benefits of new technology into the heart of the home.”

NutriFlavor technology with climate control for optimal conditions With multiple technology and design patent filings, the Philips Air Cooker 7000 Series is innovative and user-friendly. It uses unique NutriFlavor technology with climate control to set the perfect combination of temperature, humidity and time for each recipe, resulting in enhanced flavor, texture - and with up to 90%* of essential vitamins and nutrients preserved you can see and taste the difference1:  

  • Vegetables keep their color and crunch with 90% of vitamin C preserved  
  • Fish and seafood stay fresh and moist with 93% of omega-3 and omega-6 retained  
  • The most tender sous-vide meat with 90% iron retained  

NutriU is your savvy sous chef offering recipe inspiration and step-by-step guidance The NutriU app will take you on a culinary journey, where you can discover new dishes from salmon with asparagus, eggs benedict and ratatouille, and new chef-like cooking modes such as sous-vide. Level up your cooking skills with handy tips and tricks, while creating dishes that you will be proud to serve. From your very first tap, NutriU will improve your cooking skills and help you discover the joy of creating healthy, nutritious meals from the hundreds of recipes available.

NutriU is intuitive and easy to use. Connected to the Philips Air Cooker, simply select the food you want to prepare on the app or device and the program will automatically choose the best cooking conditions. At the same time, you can easily monitor and make remote cooking adjustments in real-time, with the ability to control temperature, humidity and timer settings directly on the app. Once your meal is selected, it is easy to change recipe settings to match your tastes by editing the in-app recipe. Voice control is also available when you connect your Philips Air Cooker to Amazon’s Alexa.

Add variety to mealtimes every day The Philips Air Cooker 7000 Series features eight cooking modes: steam, air steam, slow cook, sous vide, bake, roast, reheat and defrost, to make sure every ingredient is cooked to perfection. Moreover, when cooking a meal with different ingredients, NutriU will send alerts to your phone via the app notifying you of any additional recipe requirements such as adding new ingredients or changing the temperature settings. Unlike traditional cooking, with this appliance there’s no need to keep a constant eye on your food. Combine convenience with speed and efficiency; the Philips Air Cooker is up to 30% faster and saves up to 70% of energy compared to an oven**.

The NutriU app is available to download from the App store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

*Tested on broccoli, bell pepper, snow peas for 90% vitamin C, on salmon for 93% omega 3 & 6, and beef for 90% iron. Laboratory measurement on Air Steam setting. **Cooking one chicken or salmon filet. Air Steam setting 160C high humidity vs. 180C in A-class oven. Internal test lab measurement. 

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