May 23, 2023 | Press information

Versuni Introduces New Philips Airfryer Combi

The smartest and best performing Philips Airfryer with 3 different airflows, auto-cook program and connected NutriU app.

Versuni, formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances, introduces the Philips Airfryer Combi 7000 Series XXL Connected. The new Airfryer automatically senses and adjusts its cooking to user preferences. It has Rapid CombiAir cooking technology that uses high, low, and dynamic airflows to enable up to 22 cooking functions including fry, grill, roast, bake, braise, sous-vide, slow-cook, toast, dehydrate and defrost.

The new Airfryer has an integrated food thermometer, ensuring food is never under- or overcooked1. Enhancing the cooking experience further, the Philips Airfryer Combi is also equipped with an auto-cook program; simplifying the cooking process through learning and adapting as it connects to the NutriU app to offer recipe inspiration and step by step cooking guidance.

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Henk S. de Jong, Chief Executive Officer at Versuni commented: “Back in 2010, we introduced the first ever Airfryer. We continued to innovate this great invention and today, we proudly introduce the Philips Airfryer Combi. Food from our Airfryer is perfectly cooked quickly and easily thanks to digital technology and the support of our connected NutriU app. It is the perfect kitchen companion as it uses different airflows for optimal results, has an integrated food thermometer and an auto-cook program. At Versuni, we believe that home is more than a house, and digital innovations like this shape the future of home living.”

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Smart cooking The Philips Airfryer Combi uses Rapid CombiAir Technology to ensure food is always deliciously tender on the inside or crispy on the outside. It automatically adjusts cooking times, temperature, and air speed by using high, low and dynamic airflow. The combination of the Rapid CombiAir Technology with the NutriU app also enables up to 22 cooking functions. The device can fry, grill, roast, bake, braise, sous-vide, slow-cook, toast, dehydrate, defrost and more without the need for oil; also guaranteeing dishes will be cooked with up to 99%2 less added fat.

Simplified cooking process The Philips Airfryer Combi has new auto-cook programs designed to relieve the stress of cooking by selecting the best settings for the user and providing cooking guidance. Simply select the ingredient, input the quantity, and let the Philips Airfryer Combi select the best settings for a perfect result. The new Airfryer is an intelligent device. The more users cook with the Philips Airfryer Combi, the more it learns about their cooking preferences. Over time, all Philips Airfryers learn from their users. This data is being used to improve the cooking settings via an automatic update of the device.

Designed to save time and energy The Philips Airfryer Combi has XXL capacity, ensuring it cooks more food in less time. The device has been designed to make it easier and more convenient for batch cooking or making meals for 7+ people with the XXL capacity of 2kg/ 8.3L. Philips Airfryers use up to 60% less energy compared to a traditional oven3, the Philips Airfryer Combi is also up to 1.5 times faster4. It’s not just the cooking itself that’s been made easier; the cleanup has improved as well. The innovative design makes cleaning the Airfryer’s interior easier than ever, all removable parts are also dishwasher safe. The new sleek design looks great in the kitchen, while being easy to use from the very first interaction due to the intuitive display.

HD9880_Browsing recipes_fullframe.jpg Connect to NutriU The cooking partnership of the Philips Airfryer Combi 7000 Series XXL Connected and NutriU app supports consumers to expand their cooking repertoire. The app provides 500+ tasty recipe ideas from chefs and other NutriU users around the world. The recipes are provided in a step-by-step format to ensure ease.

1 Precision: +/- 1 °C (for the perfect core temperature). 2 Cooking of 1kg of fresh fries with 1 tablespoon of oil vs traditional deep frying with 2L. 3 Energy cost of cooking one chicken breast (AF setting 160C no preheat) or salmon filet (200C, no preheat) vs. using an A class oven. Average percentage based on internal lab measurement with products HD9280, HD9650, HD9270, HD9285, HD9252, HD9200, HD9255, HD9880. 4 Compared to French fries and chicken drumsticks in a conventional oven.

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